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Don Carlton Honda at 4141 South Memorial Drive in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Don Carlton Honda in 4141 South Memorial Drive, Oklahoma: consumer reviews, opening hours, driving directions, photos etc.

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4141 South Memorial Drive,
Tulsa, Oklahoma
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Phone: +1 918-622-3636

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    I have never been treated worse in a dealership in my life. I've been going to this location since 2016 July because I moved to Tulsa back then. I bought my car from John Eagle Honda at Dallas and all the experiences I had with that place was amazing. I was treated almost equally well here in Don Carlton for a while as well. But recently things got significantly changed and today finally I took my car to the other dealer in the city for the first time. First, I took my car to express service area. My oil life reached to 50% and my maintenance plan (from Ethos Group) covers it. The gentleman I gave my key claimed sharply that my plan won't cover it. I explained him nicely that I have this car for almost two years and it always covers it at 50%. I advised him to check my file and there are information over there of when I got my oil changed and extra information about my maintenance plan. He then went to check and I went to waiting room. He came with asking me to pay almost $40 extra on top of my plan. I clearly stated that my plan should cover the full cost. He said that the plan covers up to a certain price and it is not reaching the service fees they charge. Then I asked him how come I haven't paid anything until that day in the same place for more than a year and he said that it was the sales rep matched my price while he wasn't supposed to. Then I told him that I got served by multiple people in this time line and asked him if the prices went up and he told me that the prices were same. And then I asked him how come all other people matched my the price with the care plan I bought from my dealership but he can't. He told me that "I won't get my price $40 lower for you. That's the price." with a very rude attitude. I told him again that I bought this plan from my dealership and this is a plan for Honda dealerships. There should be a way to either make them match or make the dealership match because I paid a lot of money for the plan. He said that "this is not Honda. This is Don Carlton. We just sell Honda in this location. That doesn't mean that we will do what Honda does" I don't even know what does that mean. The guy at the next boot told him there is no need to talk because their service chief told them that they won't match the prices. Then I asked for my visit history for the location with the amounts they claimed from my plan. I took my car and left very disappointedly. I called my plan provider on my way to other dealer. They told me that they have a limit upon their agreement with Honda but almost no one exceeds those prices ($45 for oil change, $19.99 for rotation and $34.99 for air and cabin filters which sounds very fair). I tried my chance at the other Honda location and they changed my filters and oil with no extra cost. This is the full detailed story that you can confirm with all sides. I'm not even talking about taking my car three times for a service request in past week for my AC and they still can't fix it. My AC makes a loud noise and my car has 31k on it. It's still a new car younger than 2 years old. It's under factory coverage. But I guess I'll take it to other dealer for that problem as well now. Also since it is relevant now, I'd like to mention at the bottom that in my first visit, a sale representative in the used car section that I asked a question about cars told me that he didn't understand a word I said (I've been living here for 10 years. Yes I have accent but I never experienced and communication problems before and after this.) Then I started to repeat what I said slowly and he just turned back while I'm talking and got inside the main room and sit at his desk like nothing happened. I was a little shocked and just kept walking back to my car. So after all these horrible treatment and unsuccessful fixing trials, I decided not to go back to this place ever again. And I do not suggest anyone to go to this location. Unless you like people treat you horribly.
    by Murat Alkan
    December 29, 2016
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Don Carlton Honda is located at 4141 South Memorial Drive, Tulsa, Oklahoma.